Wholesale Live Bait Delivery
wholesale live bait Delivery Service
Retail Store:   800-835-2803 

   Wholesale:  715-934-2248
          Office:  715-934-2921

Hayward Bait Wholesale Live Bait Delivery Service

    Servicing Retail Stores, Sport Shops, Resorts, Campgrounds, and Convenience stores in Northern Wisconsin makes Hayward Bait the largest wholesale live bait distributor in the area.  Hayward Bait delivery trucks are on the road 7 days a week to provide top quality customer service and satisfaction.  The live bait is purchased using a supply and demand methodology that allows for fresher bait to be delivered to our customers.  The time to market for our live bait is less then 48 hours.  By reducing the storage time we are able to get the bait into the marketplace quicker and ultimately fresher.  Our new state of the art location houses large bait storage tanks with crystal clear water, worm storage and packaging rooms, a hatchery, and corporate offices.  Fish are raised on our aquatic farm ponds which provides a stronger, healthier minnow.  Our retail store is open 7 days a week, so if you run short, it is always an option to pick up minnows, night crawlers, leeches and waxies anytime from 7am to 9pm.  If you are in need of a reliable live bait distributor please give us a call to schedule service.   Over 57 years of wholesale live bait distribution experience makes Hayward Bait & Tackle your first and last choice.  715-934-2248

Live Bait Products Carried:

  Minnows   Night Crawlers  Leeches Waxies
CrappiePre-Packaged Night Crawlers    Panfish Leeches24 Count Cups
Fatheads1 Dozen and 2 Dozen CupsLarge Leeches  250 Count Tubs
Walleye Suckers Bulk Flats of Night Crawlers Jumbo Leeches
Northern SuckersLeaf Worms
Musky Suckers
Golden Shiners (Medium & Large)
Rosie Reds
Emerald or Lake Shiners

Wholesale Live Bait Delivery Truck

Wholesale Live Bait Delivery Truck