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Charitable Donation Request Guidelines

  At Hayward Bait, we feel that it is important to give back to the communities where we do business.  Through corporate contributions and national and regional event sponsorships we support multiple organizations that benefit our customers and our associates at a local, regional and national level. These requests mean a great deal to our company, so all are reviewed and given serious consideration.

  As a result of the volume of requests received, Hayward Bait has set specific donation guidelines which must be fully met in order for a request to be considered.

•  All requests must be submitted via Email to HaywardBaitShop@Cheqnet.net at least six                      weeks prior to any event in order to evaluate the opportunity and make an informed decision.

•  All requests should contain the information of the benefitting person or organization.

•  All requests should have specific name and contact information, including a phone number and                  an email address.

•  All requests should say specifically what you are requesting.

•  No donation requests should be submitted via the phone.

Hayward Bait Does Not Support the following types of organizations or activities through corporate contributions or sponsorships:

•Requests from individuals

•Racing, stock car, or hot rod sponsorship requests

•Political or religious organizations

•Production of films, videotapes, recordings, publications or displays

•Other events/activities that are incompatible with our corporate brand image

  Due to the incredible volume of requests received, we will only contact individuals if we are able to fulfill the request. We wish you success in all of your endeavors.

Thank you for your interest in Hayward Bait & Bottle Shoppe.

Attn: Donations
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